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About WP Engine

WP Engine is a web hosting company that is based in Austin, Texas. They are among the first web hosts to provide users with services for managed hosting that is particularly for WordPress.

There are a number of other companies that provide the same services as WP Engine but they are considered to be a leader in the market because of their excellent features and outstanding reputation.

Benefits of Using WP Engine

To begin with, this web hosting company can live up to its promise to provide powerful security, stunning speed, as well as the best customer service. WP Engine’s primary clients are those who have websites that plan to move from other web hosting companies.

Mostly, these are users who are not happy with the hosting that they had with another company. If you are planning to transfer your hosting, here are some of the benefits of using WP Engine.

Speed and performance – there are plenty of variables that determine the website speed. However, the basic principle is that if your site becomes more complex, then the solutions to performance and speed will, too.

WP Engine will be the one to take care of your speed concerns. There are customized servers that have aggressive caching and an advanced stack that is above average compared to the usual web hosts.

Security – WordPress is secure. However, to keep things that way, you have to make it a point to maintain its security. With WP Engine, just like with the performance and speed, they will take care of the security for you.

There are automated backups so that everything is kept off-site and are ready to be rolled back in the event that something happens. What you have with them on their server is an “install” instead of an account. That’s why they can handle much of the security issues on the server level.

Apart from that, WP Engine works with top-notch security firms as well for the code reviews other than having their own team for that. In case that you get hacked, WP Engine also guarantees that they will deal with it for you free of charge.

Value for the price – You should know upfront that WP Engine can be costly. For $29 a month, you get a personal plan with one install and only 25,000 visits monthly. When it comes to benchmarking, you can have a reliable VPS. You will have more storage as well as more visits.

If you look at the pricing of WP Engine and all the value that you will get, it is actually worth it. For example, to run the WordPress updates as well as the QA of your installation, that can take half an hour already. Such services can reach $50 or higher per hour. With WP Engine, that’s just a month’s fee.

So, if you weigh in the advantages of using WP Engine for the value you get for their prices, you will be saving more in the long run. Your time should be better spent on more important things rather than handling technical issues. With WP Engine, they can take care of that for you.

Market focus – While WP Engine is not for every type of user, there are three main clients that can fit well with what this web hosting company has to offer. WP Engine has a lot of tools and a strong focus for each of these types of customers.

The first type of customers are those who are WordPress designers and developers who are more focused on the design and development of the site and not so much with maintaining the hosting. The designer or developer directly builds the side in the staging environment of WP Engine. They then launch the site and then when it is all good, they can hand it over to their client.

The designer or developer can assure the client that the handling of security, speed, and hosting is taken care of by WP Engine. With this, there is very little need for any ongoing maintenance for the website. This type of customers will find that WP Engine has nice tools including transferable installs, site migration, git push, and staging.

For the second type of customers, these are usually a website owner who has become frustrated with dealing with the technical growth of the site. They need more than the shared hosting that they have and now need better web hosting.

WP Engine is a great choice for this type of customers because it has tools such as customer support and automated migration so that the process is easier. A key factor here is the phone support where the customers can easily call the company and ask them to fix whatever issues are being faced.

The third type of customers are the website owners who have enough budget and would like to have a platform for the long-term so that they can grow with it. They are alright with having to learn the unique backend of WP Engine as well as plan about launching their site all at once.

These customers do not have any previous customs or habits that they have brought over from their sites or hosts. WP Engine provides scalable features as well as customer support, making things much easier for this type of customers.

For all these customer types, WP Engine understands their needs and so they provide services to them accordingly. This web hosting company is focused on these customer types rather than providing mass-market services for every customer type.

Downsides of Using WP Engine

As you would expect from any type of service, WP Engine may not be able to fit all of the customer types. Here are some of the downsides of using WP Engine that you should know about before you select it as your web hosting company.

Complexity – In order to achieve scale, security, and speed just as what they have promised, this web hosting company does things a bit differently. This means that it is quite complicated compared to other hosts. Nonetheless, their backend continues to improve and is now cleaner. However, it is still custom and not like the usual cPanel backend hosting that you know. And unlike a lot of web hosting companies, WP Engine doesn’t allocate DNS nameservers.

Limitations in their versatility – this downside is related to the unique setup of WP Engine. To be able to run the architecture of WP Engine as best as you can, you have to make sure that all of the installs found on their platform have to be uniform in some way.

The plugins need to be predictable along with visitor patterns that are predictable as well. WP Engine defines what can and cannot be included on your WordPress install apart from the tiered overage pricing which is to discourage local storage use and seasonal traffic spikes.

While there are good reasons to ban particular admin behavior and certain plugins, this limits the versatility as well as experimentation that your site could have handled.

Customer Support

On the core of this web hosting company’s promise is their excellent customer support. They are, after all, selling not just the product which is hosting but the service itself such as managed hosting. That is why WP Engine emphasizes a lot on the quality of support that they provide to their clients.

Ease of Use

Beginners may find it difficult to use WP Engine because of its unique backend and the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional cPanel that most of the web hosting companies do. In spite of that, the customer support is superb so any issues you may have with using WP Engine can be ironed out with the help of their expert customer support representatives.

Billing Options & Packages

Here are your options when it comes to the plans provided by WP Engine.

  • Personal – this plan costs $29 a month. You get all of the basics that you will need to start a small blog or website.
  • Professional – this plan is at $99 a month. This is perfect for your growing business along with your growing website.
  • Business – at $249 a month, you get to enjoy the advanced features that this plan has to offer, helping your business grow faster.

Do We Recommend this Host?

In the same way that you look at any type of service, it is not really about whether it is great overall. However, you should assess it if this web hosting company provides the services that fits well with your habits, resources, budget, and goals.

The pricing from WP Engine is competitive in the world of Managed WordPress Hosting. Apart from that, they give you more than just hosting compared to other companies. The features they give is unmatched, especially for developers, DIYers, and owners of sites with high traffic who do not want to think about issues with hosting.

If you see yourself as one of the customer types that is included in the core markets of WP Engine, then you know that there is a solid product and excellent service waiting for you from this company.

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