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About SiteGround
Founded in 2004 in Bulgaria, SiteGround is a web hosting company that caters to global clients. They are proud to offer high-quality hosting solutions that are well-crafted. SiteGround has a wide array of hosting solutions. This can range from an affordable and versatile shared hosting to Cloud and Dedicated servers for websites that are fast growing.

SiteGround is among the fastest growing hosting companies that are not owned by a corporate holding company. Many users got to know this hosting company through their involvement with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and other marketing communities.

Benefits of Using SiteGround

You can find plenty of reviews online. Mostly, these are from the experiences of the users. While these may give you insights into the performance of SiteGround, you should also consider that finding the “best” web hosting company really depends on whether or not it fits well with your goals, experience, budget, and expertise. With that said, here are some of the things that you need to know about SiteGround before you sign up with them.

Performance and speed – there are plenty of factors that affect the speed of a website. The primary job of the hosting server is to provide the files to the browser of the visitor as fast as possible. SiteGround guarantees great speed and performance on their site.

They can live up to their promise because they have five data centers scattered around the globe. These are found in Singapore, Milan, Amsterdam, London, and Chicago. This is important for you to know as a user since the physical distance with which the website files need to travel is vital in ensuring top speed.

Most of the web hosting companies have their data centers in the US. This is alright if your target audiences are located in North America. But if you have an Asian market, you would want the data center to be somewhere within that region as well.

Integrations and feature set – this web hosting company has a robust feature set. This is important if you are technically-biased. You can have unlimited email accounts and databases. The backups are done daily. This is a great feature for your safety in the event that your backup fails. Apart from that, SiteGround also utilizes cPanel that is industry-standard. Managing your server is easy and you will have a simple backend user account.

For starter sites, SiteGround provides free transfer, free site builder, and free domain name that will last for a year. While these features don’t really make this web hosting company standout, they still make SiteGround a preferred company than the rest.

Global orientation – SiteGround, being based in Bulgaria, has to exert more effort in proving themselves. Since Bulgaria is not a major tech hub nor a cultural hub for English speakers, they have to hurdle through plenty of challenges to prove that they are globally competitive in the world of web hosting.

Just looking at the website as well as their interface design, you will see that they have put in so much in creating a global look as well as feel that will appeal to anyone around the globe. They are not just targeting American entrepreneurs for example.

As for the currencies that they accept, they handle transactions with EUR, GBP, USD, and AUD. They also offer country-specific domains as well as multiple local toll-free lines. For many of us, we have gotten used to a very US-centric web hosting industry. So, in a way, this web hosting company from Bulgaria is a refreshing option.

For Spanish-speaking visitors, you will be glad to know that they have a dedicated language site. Their data centers found in various locations around the globe also provide an advantage for many businesses that are trying to build audiences internationally. This is especially true for those who are looking to expand in countries in Asia as well as in Europe.

Downsides of Using SiteGround

Limitations with the plans – SiteGround limits disk space in all of the shared plans that they offer. They do this instead of the domains or databases. With shared hosting, there is normally a struggle when it comes to handling a lot of visitors on your website in the event that a content goes viral.

While there is really no host that can offer unlimited plans, you will always see the fine print about abuse caps in the company’s terms of service. But the low limits on the storage space, most especially for the StartUp plans, will make some site owners think twice on what web hosting company they will be using instead if their sites are video or image heavy.

Limitations with the market – each of the web hosting companies have their own target market. With SiteGround, they are more focused on the market of professional developers. These are users who build websites for companies and businesses.

On its own, this is not bad. If you are a developer, then this is actually an advantage. However, since they are so focused on a particular target market, this would not be appealing to the larger audience. Many features of SiteGround is easy to use and straightforward. They do have features that may not appeal or may not have any use for the usual user who is not a developer.

Customer Support

With the customer support of SiteGround, you can expect that they will be transparent as well as responsive. You can reach them through a wide array of channels such as through phone and live chat. You can easily talk to a customer support representative and explain the issues you are having. They are quick and efficient in providing assistance to their customers.

This web hosting company has also invested much in their support team. You will find this evident through the technical events that the support organizes for the training of developers. You can be sure that their customer support representatives are knowledgeable in their field and can definitely help you out if ever you encounter any issues in building your website.

Ease of Use

Signing up with SiteGround is easy. Once you’re in their main navigation, you can see that they have an uptime monitor. Apart from that, SiteGround also displays their data centers’ IP addresses so that from your location, you can try out and assess their speed. All these you can do without even having to sign up yet.

There are plenty of features that the average user may not appreciate with SiteGround. This is because this web hosting company is more focused on a specific market which is the developers. While this is great for developers, beginners and other users may not fully appreciate what SiteGround has to offer. This is something to think about before your sign up with SiteGround.

With this web hosting company, you can expect great community support as well as transparency from them. This is a major advantage when it comes to using their services because this tells a lot about their investment for the long-term. If you want to belong to a certain community, this one is definitely something to consider.

Billing Options & Packages
There are three shared hosting plans with SiteGround. These are the StartUp at $9.95 a month, GrowBig at $14.95 a month, and GoGeek at $29.95 a month. All of these plans limit Disk Space. With the StartUp plan, you get one domain.

The introductory prices of SiteGround are competitive. However, you should know that their pricing for renewal is actually quite expensive when you compare it with the average in the industry. This is especially true for their StartUp plan.

But you should think about the quality of service that you will be getting. There’s no doubt that you will get excellent quality products and services with SiteGround. The question is if what they offer fits your needs and goals.

If you have the budget for the packages available in SiteGround, then there’s no reason not to try them out. However, if you are still starting out and are a bit tight with the budget, there are plenty of choices for more affordable web hosting companies with almost similar features.

Do We Recommend this Host?

With great products along with outstanding support, it’s no wonder that SiteGround is among the fastest growing web hosting companies around. They are also more oriented towards their global clients while they offer top-notch products and services.

If the web hosting company you are looking for is one that has a more international leaning, focused on excellent technical features, as well as a set of plans for sites to grow, then SiteGround is a great choice for you.

Again, just like what was mentioned above, the “best” web hosting company really depends on your needs and if that company fits those requirements well. Consider your experience, expertise, plans, and goals for your site, and especially your budget. When all these fit snugly with what SiteGround has to offer, then go for it. You can expect superb quality from them.

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