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A Comprehensive Guide To Web Hosting

The world is gradually transforming into a global village and to keep up with the rapid change, individuals are doing all they can to adjust to new technological advancement, online businesses inclusive. Whether you own a website for business or non-profitable purposes, you have to take some necessary steps to ensure that it will properly serve the purpose for which it was created. Chief among them is to make sure that the site is hosted with a good hosting provider.

In order to establish a successful online presence, you must take active steps to monitor the services rendered by your hosting provider and whether it is favorable to the success of your website. If not, it is recommended to go for any of the amazing hosting companies with unbeatable offers out there, which will be outlined later in this guide. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of the qualities of a good hosting provider, types of web hosting, and what type is best for your website.

What Makes A Good Hosting Provider

The quality of services provided by the hosting company you work with will greatly affect the stability and the overall performance of your website. It will also determine to a great extent whether the site will be successful or not. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that not every website owner knows what it takes for the site to function well. If you fall into this category, it is recommended for you to browse the internet for more details or better still employ the services of an expert. There are so many factors and features you should look out for when going in search of a web hosting provider.

However, the most important ones are the type of hosting services offered, the speed and storage provided, the power of the CPUs, the quality of their services, uptime and customer support. It is necessary for the uptime of a website to be high as it will affect the amount of traffic it generates. While Uptime may be of immense importance to some websites, it may not be to others. It is no news that for the content of a website to rank high in Google search engines, it should have about 99% – 100% uptime. The success of your website is totally dependent on your lead generation through the peoples that visit your site.

Furthermore, in order to get the best hosting experience, it is better to go for providers that offer a high-quality customer service support for technical issues which website owners may encounter on a long a run. 24/7 support coupled with providing a quick and ideal solution for the issue raised is imperative. This is because an online business is delicate and only a fast solution and web fixes will guarantee its continuous operation. Although a quick and helpful response by any means possible is what is required, it is better to choose web hosting providers with phone support rather than that of email. This is because email support usually takes about 24 hours to get a reply but the response from a phone call is instant. However, whatever decision you make, the stability and performance of your website should be the major driver behind them.

The Best Web Hosting Providers

Judging from the reviews on the internet, SiteGround is the best web hosting company as the majority of web owners who have employed the services of this provider has given it high satisfaction rating. The provider is also renowned for providing its clients with quality customer support as well as lots of promo bundles and deals. SiteGround is reported to own numerous servers in three continent. The provider currently hosts more than 25,000 domains across the world. In addition, their services include giving website owners the chance to adjust their hosting plans to better fit their needs with their plans starting from about $5 monthly.

The services offered by Bluehost is also competitive as the hosting provider, offers fast services and quality 24 hours customer support. The company is popular among web owners as it offers both WordPress optimized and cloud hosting. The services rendered by WPEngine, on the other hand, is solely geared towards managing WordPress sites. The hosting plan offered by this provider covers threat detection, updates, and security patches, just to name a few. WPEngine web hosting services are optimized and secured but they are slightly more expensive than that of other hosting providers. It also allows website owners to choose their desired server location from several regions across the globe.

iPage is another popular hosting company that has assisted more a million website owners to achieve their goals. The provider offers budget-friendly plans and a simple hosting experience. Its plans start from $3 per month. The services provided by this company is believed to be a perfect fit for amateur website owners who have no experience in web hosting. Other reputable web hosting providers include but are not limited to InMotion Hosting, HostPapa, A2, Hosting, Fat, HostGator and Yahoo!

Starting at $3.95/month*

Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting. It is advised to carefully decide which one you want as the type of web hosting your website uses plays an important role in choosing the right host. This is because a hosting provider may be reputable with one type of hosting but not with another. Additionally, the priority of a company may vary from one host to another. For instance, a hosting provider may focus heavily on providing its VPS hosting clients with quality experience and pay little attention to its shared hosting client. It is recommended to investigate which provider is renowned for what before proceeding to make a decision about the hosting company to work with.

Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting. It is advised to carefully decide which one you want as the type of web hosting your website uses plays an important role in choosing the right host. This is because a hosting provider may be reputable with one type of hosting but not with another. Additionally, the priority of a company may vary from one host to another. For instance, a hosting provider may focus heavily on providing its VPS hosting clients with quality experience and pay little attention to its shared hosting client. It is recommended to investigate which provider is renowned for what before proceeding to make a decision about the hosting company to work with.

Generally, there are three types of web hosting namely, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers also referred to as VPS Hosting. Any of the above-named types should be perfect for the website you intend to host. There are websites that use all the three types of hosting. However, deciding which one to go for will be highly dependent on the size of your website. Moreover, websites are classified into large, medium and small categories. This classification is based on the number of visitors the site records monthly. The smaller the number of visitors the cheaper the cost of hosting it.

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting typically uses one server to host one website. This type of web hosting is relatively expensive and may cost up to $75 per month. However, it is believed that the cost of dedicated hosting is commensurate to the services offered as an entire server is centered on enhancing the performance of your website. It is also famous for providing website owners with a dedicated IP, the ability to handle a high number of monthly page visitors as well as fast page loading times.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, on the other hand, is more common among web owners compared to dedicated hosting as it is usually adopted for the use of small businesses and personal websites.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that shared web hosting involves featuring multiple websites on one server. This type of hosting is inexpensive ($1 per month), and allows websites that run on Joomla, WordPress, and few others to be easily featured on its server and thrive perfectly well. Websites that use shared web hosting can easily handle about 30,000 monthly page visitors.

VPS Hosting

Lastly VPS web hosting features a server with numerous computing resources. Web owners are allowed to purchase their desired amount for a specified price. This type of hosting is more difficult compared to shared and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting involves reserving the services of several computers that have been networked to appear as one with unlimited drive space, massive RAM and a large number of processors.
This hosting type provides users with an array of hard and software options coupled with the ability to scale from small sites to large ones as you grow without changing the server you are connected to. Because of its technicalities, this hosting type is usually adopted by web designers and programmers. Payment is made on an hourly basis rather than monthly as with the other types of web hosting. It cost about $15 per month.

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How Much Space Do I Need?

One important information to take note of before choosing a hosting plan is the storage and bandwidth allowed by the web hosting provider for that plan. It is recommended to go for plans that allow bandwidths that exceed that of your website for projected growth on a long run. It is also important to determine the number of files and data your web hosting plan allows you to store on your server, as the performance of your website will be negatively affected if you host large images or videos. For better performance ensure that you have at least 20 gigabytes storage available for your server.

Best Hosting for WordPress Site

There are several WordPress-focused web hosting companies in the hosting industry. However, they all bring different things to the table that are geared at optimizing the performance of the WordPress site of their clients. Popular among these web hosting companies are Siteground, Bluehost, WPEngine,, Flywheel, Hostgator, Dreamhost, just to name a few. Some factors to consider while choosing a host are speed, security, customer care support, value for money and whether the hosting is WordPress-friendly. This is because WordPress sites are required to run on at least PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.5 or more in order to avoid security challenges and break down.

Starting at $3.95/month*


When it comes to choosing which hosting provider offers the best performance, SiteGround always makes it to the top of the list. The WordPress hosting services from this provider are affordable, coupled with WordPress optimization features such as fast customer support, free wildcard Secure Sockets Layer certificate, and daily backups. The services provided by SiteGround will be great for both experienced and amateur WordPress site owners. It uses shared servers and offers an unlimited bandwidth, an average page load time of 4 seconds after caching for about $4 per month.


WPEngine is also famous for its WordPress hosting plans. It is best for WordPress sites that are growing fast. Although its services are more expensive than that of other hosting providers, the company offers high-quality services that cover up for this. WPEngine provides its clients with security features in place of few plugins to rule out security vulnerabilities. The hosting provider offers an average page load time of 26s, managed hosting, and allows up to 25,000 monthly visitors for about $29. is popular in the hosting industry and is reported to have hosted sites like Twitter, Disney, and Facebook. Its hosting options range from about $99 monthly to $1799 per month. The hosting services of are powered by Amazon Web Servers (AWS) as well as PressCDN, PressARMOR, and PressCACHE. The hosting provider allows its clients to perform tasks related to WordPress on its Atomic Core control panel.


This hosting company offers some amazing WordPress hosting options. Bluehost offer managed hosting plans for WordPress sites, WordPress optimized server setups custom PHP-FPM configurations, Sitelock Security, NGINX and advanced CDN. Its plans range from about $24.99 to $169.99 monthly depending on numbers of page visitors and sites hosted.


DreamHost also offers WordPress hosting. It provides its clients with both managed and shared server plan paired with one payment structure for each them. The plans allow website owners to have the bandwidth and space they require and also host multiple sites. While their managed plan cost $16.95 per month, the shared plan costs $7.95 per month.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion provides its clients with unbeatable WordPress hosting plans at affordable rates. The cost of their package starts from $2.95 per month.


This hosting company shares the same owner with Bluehost. HostGator Cloud allows clients to scale their hosting plan as their Website Grows. It offers several packages starting from $7.96 monthly to $14.36 monthly.


Flywheel is also among the hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting services. It provides its clients with a variety of hosting packages for a price that range from $15 per month to $75 per month coupled with Bulk plans at $100 and $250 for 10 and 30 sites respectively.


There are many companies with great deals in the hosting industry. Do the necessary investigations and reviews about the products and services of the hosting provider you intend to work with before proceeding to subscribe to its services as the success and performance of your site is highly dependant on the hosting decisions you make.


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